The City of Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas
Fast-Paced City = Fast-Paced Relationships

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Onesome" Finding your Golf Territory in Las Vegas

A proud professional golfer of 6 years, and a proud single woman in Las Vegas for 4.

Ever since I can remember I've always been around golf. At the age of 12, there I was with my beginner set of clubs; a 7 iron, 5 iron, 5 Wood, Driver and Putter (aka the early 90's start-up golf set). I would practice at the local driving range on the outskirts of Toronto; I was the only girl on the range. As I got better, I moved my practice schedule to a private golf club; the only girl again. I got used to it, accustomed to it, I was always the center of attention, the game of golf made me different.

How does golf make a woman different? Any woman that steps on a golf course demands the attention of every man on the course, instantly. It's a good and bad thing depending on how you answer the challenge. Who's the girl playing golf? The staff, the other golfers on the course, the gardeners, the golf shop, even the cart girl, they all notice you. When you are a woman on the golf course you learn to handle performance under pressure.

I've been to many Las Vegas benefits, charity dinners, promotional parties, restaurant openings, casino extravaganzas and sport event socials. Las Vegas allows us to network within various industries on a grand scale. There is something going on in this city every night! I always leave a Las Vegas function confident that I've made some good connections, but feeling as though these networking meet and greets have no depth? What should I expect? Fast-paced City = Faced paced Relationships.

On the contrary, a Las Vegas golf event makes me feel as though I'm able to meet and connect with people in a much slower-paced/sober enviornment. They say "you can really get to know a person when you play golf with them", and in my youthful 16-years of golf experience, playing 18-holes with "Mr. Possibility" helps discover if he is in fact "Mr. Worth It", "Mr. Just Friends" or "Mr. Business". An intangible piece of valued respect is exchanged between individuals after a round of golf, unless you get stuck with "Mr. A**hole" or "Mr. I throw my clubs and swear continuously".

"Talking golf" can get you ahead faster and allow you to get know more about men (and women). I always find that when a man talks about his golf game, you get some personal insight into who he is. That is why it's important that we know the "terminology" of the game first, perhaps even better than we know the game.

Golf is a unique and unmatched sport for women. Basketball-Shmasketball, Baseball-Shamseball, Golf is where it's at. In Golf, you can play with the boys and still beat them fair and square. Men are always worried about a woman stepping on their territory, and with the wonderful game of golf, you're not. The red tees (reds) are your territory and the blue tees (blues) are theirs. I still think that you are missing out if you aren't watching Yankees' Shortstop Derek Jeter and 3rd Baseman A-Rod manning their territories (aka bases). I still think you are missing out if you aren't watching the rugged men of the NBA running up and down the court with passion and sweat trying to mark their home or away territories with a victory.

Sports make for great "on and off the course conversation" - But knowing the names of all 4 Major Golf Championships on the PGA Tour, the past winners and current contenders are much bigger feats. Golf is the "it" game, and much like martinis, mini-skirts, frozen yogurt, green earth saving products, and bikram yoga, golf is "in".

Know the basics ladies. The basics include the 4 major golf championships, the Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship - which occur in that order. Know the basic golf courses in your area, when to use what golf club (woods, irons and wedges) and the current promising golfers in the world - Tiger Woods isn't the only golfer on the PGA Tour...

There are many amazing (and gorgeous) men that play on the PGA Tour. For starters, get to know a few of the world’s best - "Adam Scott" (The trendy and subtly foreign Australian semi-supermodel), "Sergio Garcia" (the sexy-spicy Spaniard with a solid swing) "Camillo Villegas" (the flashy and flexible Latin spider energy pill), "Vijay Singh" (the tall, dark and handsome Fijian with a silky smooth stride down the fairway), and finally "Retief Goosen" (the gorgeous and submissive South African that almost resembles a box of exquisite caramels). Mark your territory in the knowledgeable golf world; get to know more professional golfers. They make for good conversation, especially during the majors;) The opportunity for women to "talk golf" is sexy and impressive, and instead of feeling left out, you can now jump right in a basic golf conversation.

Sunday afternoons generally aren't that busy and TV golf coverage is usually on all weekend during the season. The Sunday afternoon of a major championship is a mandatory must watch for every man and woman that is into golf. Now that Tiger is out for the rest of the golf season because of his knee surgery and rehabilitation, we can make room to crown a new golf champion. Trevor Immelman, winner of this years' Masters Championship this past April, was on a media blitz after his big win. Perhaps you may have seen him on Late Night with David Letterman or courtside at Madison Square Garden. There are a lot of the young guns and veterans fighting neck-and-neck every week for a PGA Tour victory and a piece of the winners' territory. Ladies, after some personal research, who do you think will be a contender on the PGA Tour?

If watching golf isn't your thing, the Callaway Golf Center is right on the strip. Find a range that is close by. Put your iPod on and try to hit a basket of balls just to see what the fuss is all about. There is usually an instructor on site and he may be able to give you a few pointers to get started. It is never too late to pick up the game that everyone is raving about. Find a spot on the range, your own personal territory, and get a feel for the game. While opening your mind to golf, you are unintentionally opening the door to meet new people in a fresh wholesome atmosphere.

Ladies, take the initiative to learn more about the game of golf by taking a lesson or by watching it on TV. Make golf part of your knowledgeable territory and use it as a tool on and off the course. Golf is simply a special and empowering way to create networks and meet good people here in Las Vegas.

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